About Me

Please allow me to introduce myself…(cue The Rolling Stones) I am Audrey Davis, the bombshell of Chicago. An exquisite combination of intelligence, femininity, and passion for life. Simply exuding love and sensuality from every part of me. 

I have a big open heart and a beautiful life, filled with adventure and balance. I take impeccable care of my body and mind, with exercise, meditation, and healthy eating. 

I am the sexy girl next door, a seductress that helps you explore a passion within yourself that might just surprise you, and a goddess who will have you worshipping at my feet. I will command your attention when I walk in the room, and then instantly put you at ease with my genuine smile, nurturing personality, and my warm touch. 

I am your friend and confidant, someone who cares about everything from the fun stories from your day, to the significant things going on in your life. I want you to feel like you can completely be yourself in my company. Tell me about all your dreams and desires. 

I seek a true connection and feel that it only adds to the pleasure we can share with each other. Are you up for this adventure with me? We can create our own unique and beautiful moments together that will always be ours to remember and hold close to our hearts, as we walk through this world with that secret smile…the smile that those of us who offer ourselves these special gifts can share. 


Your Dream girl, 

Audrey Davis


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