As I daydream about meeting you, it all begins with a sudden smile when our eyes meet. We begin to feel the world melt away around us...

Your eyes discover my touchable 5'4" body with soft, smooth skin, shapely legs, and delicious C-cups.
Warm brown eyes, and golden hair. The curves of a centerfold. The face of an angel, and charisma that will instantly put you at ease.

My personality is creative, playful, affectionate, and naturally erotic.
I am full of wonder, always ready to have fun, to laugh, to whisper...
I am your best girlfriend, your trusted confidant, your adventurous companion, Your Dream Girl.

My desire is that our time together you will leave you breathless.
My hope is that you will carry with you a secret smile for weeks to come. Remebering the warmth of our time together.

Thinking sweet thoughts of you,
     Audrey Davis - Your Dream Girl